The solution to pitching injuries.

Light years beyond pitch counts and arm care, The Legend Solution™ is the answer to baseball’s arm injury epidemic.

Command & Control

Arm Pain Sustained Velocity Sustained Performance Your Future

Banish baseball’s 
injury bug and build durable, high performance arms.

Partner with us and pursue iconic performance that’s larger than life. Stop flirting with arm pain and injuries, and embark on healthy, high performance today.


Imagine your future when you can protect and extend your career or playing time. Learn how to take charge of your arm’s health.


Imagine how healthy arms can impact your win-loss column and your bottom line. Know exactly what it will take to build and maintain healthy arms.


Imagine what can happen when players you represent stay healthy from in-season and over the long haul. Stop negotiating with injuries.

Pitching Instructors

Imagine teaching guaranteed arm health—without guessing. Learn how to leverage our proven methods and integrated, seamless technology.

Game-changing technology.

Using our proprietary wearable tech, players and coaches can identify the source of potential injuries before they happen with real time assessment and monitoring.

We already have a prototype and anticipate delivery of this groundbreaking technology sometime late 2024.

Imagine the legacy if you could hold the future of baseball in your hand.

Investors, join us for the rare opportunity to play a legacy role in baseball history.

We’re thinkers and innovators dedicated to leaving a lasting impact on baseball and it’s players.

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